Why is the water in my pool cloudy?

The Causes

If, despite regular maintenance, you notice a cloudy or milky water problem, you will have to examine the various possible reasons that could be the source of the problem.

  1. Lack of disinfectant: When the treatment of your swimming pool: chlorine, bromine or active oxygen is insufficient, the water becomes whitish, it is a lack of treatment. To make sure you control the rate of your disinfectant and make a shock chlorination (hypochloryte, fast chlorine or shock) or add a shock treatment based on hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Filtration in

What solutions?

1/ You must clean the walls of your polyester hull. Then, you must vacuum up the lime deposits at the bottom of the pool. If the lime is resistant on the walls, you will have to drain part of the pool and clean the walls with a descaler.

2/You will make sure to maintain the pH of the water between 7.0 and 7.4 in order to promote the efficiency of the products. To solve limescale problems, CALCINEX should be added regularly as a preventive measure after each filling of the pool.