Which pool can be installed without permission?

A swimming pool with a pool area of 10 m² or less will be exempted from applying for authorisation. Certain pools larger than 10 m² may also be installed without authorisation, provided that they can be dismantled and that their use does not exceed three months, for land classified in a site or in protected areas whose perimeter has been delimited (check with the town hall). Provide for the initial restoration of the premises after use beyond three months or fifteen days.

Swimming pools built inside an existing building are exempt from authorisation if the work does not alter the external appearance of the house, for example by creating an additional opening.

However, even if it is not necessary to ask for a permit, it will be necessary to respect the local town planning regulations (PLU or former POS). If the municipality does not have its own regulations, the National Urban Planning Regulations (RNU) will serve as a rule.

Land located in a protected area or classified site is subject to stricter regulations even for a pool of less than 10 m² in area, will require authorization.