What is the salt treatment?

In slightly salty water (7 times less than sea water) the electrolyser automatically produces a powerful and effective disinfectant. The salt water passes through the cell and is transformed into a disinfectant that destroys bacteria, chloramines and algae. No residues or pollution.

Thus you can enjoy a perfectly disinfected swimming pool, in complete serenity and in the greatest comfort.

What you get from a pool treated with salt water chlorination:

  • TRANQUILITY AND SIMPLICITY OF TREATMENT: you can go away without fear of finding green water again, your pool is treated automatically according to your filtration programming schedules and its maintenance is reduced to a minimum. The adjustment of the devices remains simple and adapts to the volume of your pool.
  • SAFETY: once the quantity of salt put in the pond (ex: 5Kg/m3) you will not need to handle or buy any more products for the season. However, you will have to check the salt level when you put the pond back in the spring and make up the rest if necessary. Moreover you contribute to the preservation of the environment.
  • HEALTH AND WELL-BEING: you bathe in your pool in clear, healthy water and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of salt water. You can forget the stinging eyes and dry skin after swimming.