How to fight against algae?

  • How do you recognize the algae in your pond?

Algae give the water a particular colour (usually green or yellow). The walls and bottom become slippery and the water becomes cloudy. It is important to know that algae require specific products since they are resistant to daily water treatment with chlorine, bromine or active oxygen. Products for the treatment of algae are called: algicides.

Namely: Algicides only treat plants and not the bacteria present in the water. The use of an algicide must therefore be combined with the usual sterilizing agent.

  • How to treat the presence of these algae?

It is therefore necessary to use specific “anti-algae” products available in store at your pool shop. You must then readjust the pH if necessary as well as the level of Chlorine or Bromine depending on the treatment you are using. Once the plant cells (algae) have died, they should be disposed of. The small size of the algae requires us to flocculate (see other question: flocualtion).