How do you winterize your pool?

To winterize your swimming pool you must wait until the water temperature is 16 C°.

1)Make sure that the pool is clean and that the water it contains is clean.

2) Check the sump and make sure there is no more water inside.

3)Wash and rinse the sand filter until the water level is below the skimmers.

4)Put the winter plugs and gizzmos (anti-freeze device for skimmers) in the skimmers.

5) Pour the winterization product into the pool and fix the cover.

6)Switch off the power supply, close all valves (SK-BDF-PB-REF) and move the 6-way valve to the CLOSED position.

7)Drain the pump and put it in a safe place. Drain the sand filter (purge under the filter). Drain the brominator.

Let the Bottom Drain valve close and open the Skimmers, Brush Inlet, and Discharge valves to drain the water from the pipes. Once the water has come out, close all the valves.

Accessories used for wintering: wintering cap, gizzmos (anti-freeze device for skimmers), as well as the wintering product.