How do I get rid of mustard seaweed?

How to identify Mustard Seed in your pool?

It is a very fine algae that looks like a highly volatile yellow/ochre dust that settles on the bottom and walls of the pool. When you sweep the pool, this deposit comes off very easily and looks like a dark cloud or mist of dust or sand. It is easier to recognize this cloud in the morning after the filtration has been stopped for several hours.

Where does mustard seaweed come from?

The mustard algae come from the environment and very often from the warm wind and rain from SAHARA. The germs cling to the dust, are carried by the wind and rain and once in the water they grow. Swimming pools can be polluted by geographical areas and it is very rare to have an isolated case.

How to get rid of this Mustard Algae?

The most effective algaecide to eliminate this very tenacious algae is MAREVA STOP ALGAE MOUTARDE, coupled with a shock treatment. The treatment must be adapted to your pool volume. Here are the steps to treat the pool

  1. STOP filtering the pool for one night so that the algae settles to the bottom of the pool.
  2. PUT the broom in the “emptying” position on the 6-way valve of the sand filter (be careful not to empty more than 20 cm) in order to evacuate a maximum of algae out of the basin without passing through the sand filter.
  3. STOP mustard algae treatment and shock treatment at the same time. Do not hesitate to put the accessories used to clean the pool that have been in contact with the algae.
  4. RESTART filtration and add a flocculant cartridge to help clarify the water.

If the treatment is not totally effective the first time, do not hesitate to repeat the treatment until the algae disappears completely.