Filtration installation in a technical room


Installation of the technical room

The technical room can be above ground, semi buried or buried. For questions of aesthetics and practicality, its location should be considered. However, beware of underground premises which are easily flooded (heavy autumn rains).

It is preferable that the room should not be too far from the pond, as the efficiency of the pump depends on it and it is better to simplify access to the room.

The layout of the technical room

It depends on the equipment you want. The installation is done in parallel with the construction of the pool, in order to position the pump and the sand filter. Their location must be studied to facilitate their accessibility (cleaning of the pre-filter basket, handling of the 6-way valve, providing for the change of sand or parts) These elements must remain dry in a ventilated and heat-insulated shelter if possible.

It is possible to add other equipment, which will be connected electrically and hydraulically in the rules, such as : 

Heating (Heat Pump (HP), electric heater…)

Treatment system (electrolyser, brominator, pH regulation…)

Booster for a Robot 

The electrical box allows to control the filtration pump (manual or automatic) or the projector, the robot, the automatic treatments?


A well-thought-out technical room! You can arrange other spaces of comfort around your technical room: sanitary, kitchen, cloakroom or simply a place of relaxation… all the possibilities are possible, it will allow you to spend good moments as much in your swimming pool as in your garden.


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