Filling of walls with gravel


The installation of the embankments starts with the positioning of planks the size of the width of the pool in order to prevent the walls from retracting during the backfilling. For the wedging of the four corners pour crushed gravel gently (otherwise the pool will move on the invert) into the corners of the large pool on the 1/3 of the height. Carry out the same operation in the corners of the small bath.
It is recommended to use a light filling material (mini-loader type) in order to preserve the stability of the pool structure.
For flat bottoms pour the gravel in the diagonally opposite corners.

Once the four corners have been partially filled, you can install the bottom bung grid and the prevention plug (depending on weather conditions). You can maintain the pool in its length with the help of tensioners to ensure perfect alignment of your walls.
You can start backfilling: lightly pack down with a handle or better with a metal tube. Your backfill is compacted when the gravel no longer falls. The purpose of this operation is to definitively fix the pool to the ground and avoid the risk of displacement.
Regularly check the alignment of the wall, if the wall has a “belly”, remove a little gravel at the place in question.

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