Earthwork for hull installation


Earthwork is one of the most important steps in the hull installation process.


Indeed, it consists in making what is commonly called “a hole” in the ground which requires a careful respect of the coasts in order to avoid any harmful consequences on the pool’s appearance.


Everything starts with the excavation, the respect of the coasts and the evacuation of the ground (if necessary). In case of an oversized excavation, it is necessary to compensate with a stabilized reconstituted ground. If the presence of water or a water table is found, the team will take precautions, in fact, they will use a pumping device to quickly evacuate the infiltration water. 


The next step will consist in the preparation of a drainage layer of about 10 cm (geotextile, crushed gravel…) and then the delivery of the pool.  


It is always important to remember that at the end of the installation of your shell, you will be trained to know how to best maintain it.


We also remain at your disposal to inform and reassure you, having a pool is a pleasure and not a constraint! 


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