Delivery of a Polyester hull


In general it is carried out with a 10 T delivery truck + trailer which is equipped with a handling crane or in exceptional cases with a long reach or heliport if the access is too far away or inaccessible.

The delivery of the swimming pool is made by ALLIANCE PISCINE, within the limit where the truck can access less than 5 meters from the earthwork and crane in normal conditions of safety, without obstacles (beware of trees, electrical wires, telephone wires, etc.). This is why a technical visit is imperative.

The stability of the soil, pipes, septic tanks and other visible or invisible obstacles must also be taken into account.

Before placing in the hole, the bottom drain must be glued and a sufficient length of pipe must be provided to bring the connection up to skimmer height and put on standby.

The pool should be handled with a spreader as much as possible to avoid some twisting on the structure. It will then be lowered gently into the excavation using the marks previously drawn on the edges of the earthwork.



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