Sauna Hybrid Combi by Holl’s


Is the choice between the joys of a traditional sauna or the benefits of infrared waves difficult for you?
HOLL’S has thought of you by creating a cabin combining these two concepts of the Sauna!
The SAUNA HYBRID COMBI revolutionizes the practice of sauna since it allows you to perform steam or infrared sessions with quartz and magnesium radiation in the same cabin. Full Spectrum and magnesium
 double action infrared panel.
Holland’s infrared emitters are unique in the combination of their Full Spectrum+magnesium technology. The Full Spectrum technology allows to emit a set of infrared waves IR-A, IR-B, IR-C to relieve muscles and joints and soothe skin lesions, all with a low temperature.
Magnesium technology is dedicated to relaxation and the elimination of toxins by sweating. Their start-up time is longer but offer a more enveloping warmth.

Sauna 4 places – dimensions 180 X 140 X 190 cm – 8 infrared emitters – Chromotherapy Led – Digital control panel – Audio MP3 /fm/bluetooth – glass door of 6 mm to guarantee at the same time isolation, comfort and safety.
Exterior in Canadian Red Cedar and Abachi – Infrared power 2800 w –
Sauna kit included.
Stove 3.50 K W and stones not included.
2 years electrical warranty – 10 years woodwork warranty